Characteristics of Gifted Children

Wissenschaftliche Persönlichkeits-Analysen

Characteristics of Gifted Children

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Is your child gifted? Parents can spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money on learning aids and educational tools for gifted and talented children. All children are unique and deserve the best possible education, but how can you tell if your child is truly gifted? What are some of the characteristics of gifted children? Fortunately, there are several traits usually associated with high intelligence that may differentiate these children from others learning alongside them.

Intellectual Characteristics

Observe your child’s reasoning abilities. Gifted children can listen to multi-step directions from their parents, guardians or teachers and carry them out successfully where other young children may be limited to simple single or double-step directions.

Listen to your child’s speech. Gifted children develop advanced speech abilities at an early age. They can say their first words at a young age, often even surprising their parents and may start speaking full sentences well before their peers. Also pay attention to the use advanced vocabulary and multi-syllabic words in their speech.

Observe your child’s reading abilities. Gifted children not only begin reading at an early age but they also enjoy being read to for prolonged periods by their parents or caregivers.

Your child may be gifted if they learn quickly and are able to retain information easily. Gifted kids are often fast learners and have above-average memories.

Wissenschaftliche Persönlichkeits-Analysen

Emotions and Judgment

Examine whether your child is highly sensitive or unusually compassionate for their age. Gifted children have been observed acting more like adults than children in difficult emotional situations.

Many gifted and talented children are perfectionists and hold themselves to very high work standards (regardless if that work is a complex word puzzle or a simple coloring exercise). Gifted children may get angry or frustrated when they are unable to master tasks as quickly as they would like to.

Gifted children can be morally sensitive and even preoccupied with justice and fairness. They will often question their parents and authority when they feel that rules are arbitrary and inconsistent. The greatest clashes often occur with authority figures (usually teachers) who they view as rigid and unfair.

Children with high intellectual abilities often exhibit extremely mature judgment for their age, for example, identifying television content as inappropriate and switching to a more appropriate channel without being asked to do so by an adult.

While most children have a preference to identify with their same-age peers, gifted children sometimes prefer the company of older children and even adults, but are still able to relate well with people of all ages (even including younger kids).

Wissenschaftliche Persönlichkeits-Analysen

Interests, Creativity and Drive

Observe your child’s energy and ability to pay attention to things that interest him for extended periods of time. While many children often exhibit high levels of energy and spiritedness, children with high intelligence are often able to channel their energy to areas in which they have deep interest – usually showing intense focus for longer periods of time than normal.

Next Steps

Gifted children can greatly benefit from structured learning programs that focus on both core learning and more advanced educational topics.

Wade Luders is the founder of KinderIQ, a unique, research-based learning program for preschool and kindergarten children that combines fun online questions with play-to-learn activities made especially for young learners. Try it today for free!

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Wissenschaftliche Persönlichkeits-Analysen



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Being Gifted

Daniel´s comment: Check out this video about being gifted and please share me your opinion about it. Thank you.


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Gifted Children

Daniel´s comments: Take a moment and watch this video about giftedness. Please share me your comments.


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3 Tips To Living With Gifted Children

Did you ever ask yourself how to live with gifted children? Then read this article which has 3 tips for you.

parenting gifted kids



Gifted Children – 3 Tip To Living With Them

By Trevor I Wilson


Tip 1 – Be Gentle


Be gentle with your gifted child. These children are often more sensitive. They are extra sensitive both physically and emotionally. Because your child can be advanced in some areas beyond their years it’s easy to expect more in areas where they are not advanced. This can lead to conflicts. So be aware of their sensitivities by observing them and learning where you need to be extra gentle.


Tip 2 – Gifted Children Tend to be Perfectionists


Since gifted kids often have the tendency to be perfectionists it’s important to be aware of this in your child. Their desire to do it right can cause them to give up before they start. If they feel they can’t do it perfectly then they don’t want to even try. I have seen this multiple times with my daughter.


It is important to take the time to work with your child and help them understand that messing up or not being perfect is normal, and it’s how we learn. You can explain that failure is failing to learn from our mistakes. You can share stories of people like Edison had to try multiple different ideas before he got the light bulb to work.


Tip 3 – Realize it’s Hard For Gifted Children to Admit Wrong


Another trait that many gifted kids have is that they find it very difficult to admit they are wrong. Due to their strong perfectionism they expect to be right. And due to their above average intellectual abilities. As the father of a gifted daughter it is not always easy to know how to deal with her giftedness. However there are three tips I’d like to share that have helped me interact with my daughter better.s they usually are right. So when they are wrong it can be devastating and they do not want to admit it.


By being aware of this tendency in your child you can be more gentle in how you deal with their mistakes and wrongs. Just simply point out the error and then let them know that we all make mistakes. Then move on. Even if they do not fully acknowledge the mistake, they know they were wrong.


By not making a big deal out of the situation you will help preserve their sensitive personality while still letting them know that they were wrong. Later when they are not worked up over the error then you might sit and gently discuss with them that being able to admit wrong is a good thing. No one is perfect and being able to admit mistakes is part of life.


These three tips can help you better understand and interact with the gifted children in your life. Being sensitive to the needs of other people is also a good quality to enhance in our own lives.


I encourage you to visit the Tootlee website today. You will discover the stories of some amazing gifted children and what they are accomplishing. These amazing kids have lots to offer the world.


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What is giftedness?

Daniel´s comment:

Please take a moment and watch this video about what is giftedness. Often people do not really know what it means to be gifted. How about you? After watching this video you will have a much clearer picture about the special talents and abilities of gifted people. Enjoy the video and please share me your comments.

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How Can Gifted Children Be Identified?

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Please take a moment and watch this video about gifted children and their unidentified giftedness. I would love to get your comments on this.

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Keeping Up With Gifted and Talented Students by Using an Alternative to Traditional Education

In this article you will learn why gifted and talented students need an alternative to traditional education. Enjoy!

Keeping Up With Gifted and Talented Students by Using an Alternative to Traditional Education


By Julie Jackson


When it comes to a proper education, especially on that is based on standards and requirements, all students are challenging to educate. Considering the fact that not all students learn and uptake information in the same way, teachers often face a serious challenge when it comes to finding methods and techniques that will promote and stimulate student learning. Of all the types of students that teachers work with on a regular basis, gifted and talented students often pose the greatest challenges.


Although it would appears that gifted and talented students would be a pleasure to educate because of their high intelligence, academic enthusiasm, and their general willingness to learn new things, most teachers often struggle to find appropriate and adequate work for them as a result of their high cognitive levels. Most teachers often become frustrated with the education of gifted and talented students, especially if they do not receive any support from school officials and administrators.


For most gifted and talented students, their eventual fate is to sit in a class that does not properly educate or stimulate them. Most of the time, these particular students are relegated to busy work, and are often forced to move at an intellectual level that is slower than they would like to proceed. As a result, many gifted and talented students often find traditional public and private schools to be difficult places to learn, in particular because of the ill-prepared teachers who are charged with educating them.


Distance learning college prep is perhaps one of the best options for the education of gifted and talented students. Distance learning programs that specifically target or focus on gifted and talented students have more opportunities to work individually with these challenging students. For one thing, distance learning college prep programs for gifted students can focus all of their efforts on the needs of these students – especially in terms of pace and material taught. By allowing students to move at the pace they are comfortable with, these programs are better able to cover specific topics and concepts.


In addition to allowing gifted and talented students to work at their own pace, distance learning programs can also be individually tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual student. By being able to focus specifically on the academic needs of gifted and talented students, these distance learning programs can prove extremely effective in the area of college preparation.


Courses in a distance learning program that are targeted at gifted and talented students looking to attend college are by no means less demanding than courses at traditional schools. The curriculum is often fully accredited and designed to meet the admissions requirements of American colleges and universities. With a variety of resources available, distance learning college prep programs for gifted and talented students have the ability to cater specifically to these students by developing a course of study that will be designed around a student’s individual needs, abilities, and learning styles.


To learn more about a quality, distance learning academy for gifted students please visit Laurel Springs Academy for the Gifted and Talented. At Laurel Springs Academy for the Gifted and Talented they know that gifted students have unique and diverse academic needs. They offer exceptional students an alternative to traditional schools and an opportunity to become part of a thriving online community that partakes in a differentiated, intellectually demanding curriculum through distance learning.


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